Click links below to download and print the Student Athlete Bible Study Sheets.

Begin with God - Zero Week

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 1

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 2

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 3

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 4

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 5

Begin with God - Athlete Study - WEEK 6

Week 7-12 Coming Soon!



The Athlete study is a simplified version of the weekly coaches’ study. As such, the Athlete study must be led or facilitated (when athlete-led) by a Coaches Outreach coach currently involved in a Coaches Outreach study. The athlete study connects the young generation to biblical truth by reaching their hearts and changing their lives.

The Athlete Study focuses on one key passage from the Coaches study of that week. The two-sided sheet has Scripture and notes on one side and questions and introductory material on the other. Ideally the sheet is distributed a week ahead of time and covered in a 30-minute meeting. 

Always check with your school administration if you are unsure of school policy. 


Can a coach lead a Bible study?

  • In Texas, a coach can only lead a study when it is not school hours or not on school property.
  • However, in Arkansas, coaches can participate in a Bible study on campus if it is not school hours.
  • Each state has different and specific rules.

    However, a coach can be a sponsor and be in the study (school hours or on campus) if he is not participating. We recommend that in those cases, he trains student leaders to lead the study. as possible. 

    Again, we are here to help you IF you have the time to do the Athletes’ study. We exist to encourage coaches. God will lead and protect us.

    (information gathered from First Liberty, Dallas)