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Every donation helps us equip Christian role models who enter broken kid’s lives!

While parents are still the most important influence on young people, many student-athletes do not have a healthy and stable family. The leadership of a Christ-centered coach can help fill in the gaps.

No other ministry focuses only on coaches, making sure they are supported and helped as the vital role models and mentors they are. Why? These Student-athletes do not have to go to church, but they do have to go to school. Coaches inspire not only with their words, but with their lives and convictions, impacting thousands of students throughout their career. 


“Absolutely incredible weekend with my Coach Man and our people. Coaches Outreach has been a ministry that has poured love, courage, accountability, rest and Jesus all over our calling to coach in the last several years. Each summer this Retreat serves as a mile marker for us to not just find rest, but to recall the Truth of WHAT God has called us to and HOW He has called us to walk it out.... Thank you, Coaches Outreach you've filled our coaching passion to overflowing all over again and fixed our eyes on Jesus!”

Associated costs for the ministry include:

  • To start/maintain a Coaches Outreach Bible study per semester $350.    
  • The placement of a new Field Representative $4,500.
  • Cost for one coaching couple to attend a retreat $925.
  • Cost of an entire Summer Marriage retreat $45,000.


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          14140 Midway Road, Ste. 102
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When you give a non-cash gift to Coaches Outreach, your charitable deduction will be for the full fair market value of the gift at the time of the transfer.

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        Name on Account:       Coaches Outreach
        Tax ID #:                    74-2587034

It is very important to contact us at info@coachesoutreach.org or 214-654-0042 when the transfer has been completed.  We will need to know the number of shares, the name of the security and your name and address.  We need this information to properly acknowledge your gift because an electronic transfer of shares does not include a notification of who sent the shares.

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We appreciate your gifts, and you can rest assured your money is being used to further God's kingdom in the lives of coaches and all the young people they influence each day.  We seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity before the Lord and before you.

All contributions to Coaches Outreach are income tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law, and are made with the understanding that Coaches Outreach has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.