Coaches Outreach is a non-denominational, para-church ministry with a mission to passionately build coaches of conviction by encouraging and equipping coaches and their spouses to have Christ-like character through practical application of biblical truth.

Why do we do this? Coaches matter! Coaches make a difference in broken lives, so we partner with them to help make their impact even more powerful.  A typical high school football coach will impact thousands of kids during their career. Billy Graham has said, “One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in their lifetime.”

Most coaches see what they do as calling, more than a job, so we want to help them as they are on this mission, called by God, and strategically placed in schools to minister to kids in a way that few can.

When the ministry began, coaches asked for help in two ways, “Help us stay strong in our marriages, and help us study the Bible.” Since then, God has used Coaches Outreach to do just that.


We keep things simple.  Our plan to strengthen coaches and spouses of conviction in three primary ways:

  1. We equip coaches through relevant, “hands-on” Bible studies written just for coaches.

The Bible study playbooks are FREE to coaches participating in a Coaches Outreach Bible Study at their school, and are also free to coaches’ spouses who request it.

  1. We encourage coaches through Summer Marriage Retreats designed just for coaching couples.

These weekend retreats feature respected Bible teachers, inspiring music, good food, fellowship with other coaching couples, and fun activities. We know how hard the coaching life can be—so we seek to spoil you for a weekend.

  1. We also serve, encourage and connect coaches’ wives throughout the school year through The Reach.

A few times each semester, hundreds of wives meet geographically in small groups to filter the season and everyday life through the Word of God.

What else? Get involved today! Join us in what God is doing to make difference through Coaches Outreach, by praying, volunteering, sharing about the ministry, and even giving financially. Feel free to email us at info@coachesoutreach.org if you have further questions today.



“Coaches Outreach has been a huge blessing to my staff and me over the past 7 years.  The studies have helped us stay grounded and focused on what’s really important in this life.   We’ve been given some great tools to help cultivate and grow a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and also our wives and children.   We all want to win games but in the end it isn’t going to matter how many games you’ve won or lost.  What’s going to matter is how many lives you influenced for the Lord and His Kingdom.  We’ve been very blessed in the fact we’ve had the same facilitator for all this time.  Thank you Kyle Churchwell!” - Mark Howard, AD/HD Football Coach, Trinity Christian Academy, AddisonTX

"Coaches Outreach has helped me be a better Christian, husband, father, and football coach by keeping me focused on what matters most and that is drawing closer to Christ and being His servant on earth who is willing to share His gospel message." Scott Johnson, HD Football Coach, Starmount HS, NC


"I know of no other ministry that has encouraged and influenced coaches and their spouses like Coaches Outreach.  It is a fine organization." - Gene Stallings, former college and pro coach



"Coaches Outreach is the best Bible Study I’ve ever been involved in. I started participating in this study 8 years ago and have found it to be inspiring, encouraging and engaging. The study notes and application along with God’s Word is the perfect mix that challenges me to think and have a deeper walk with Christ. The author’s format is written perfectly for a coach – it challenges us to be better role models of young moldable minds and allows us to discuss ways to be better servant/leaders to a lost and dying world.  The coaching profession may be the most dynamic way to reach out to young people today. Coaches Outreach provides a tool that allows coaches to tap into the heartbeat of today’s youth." Greg Owens, HD Football Coach, Sulphur Springs HS, TX

"There is nobody that's doing a better job of helping coaches understand the Word of God and use it than Coaches Outreach.  They are the strongest partners that a coach can have in the work that they do in our high schools."
- D.W. Rutledge, Executive Director of the Texas High School Coaches Association

"We have been doing the Coaches Outreach studies for several years here at Chestatee High School.  Throughout the years God has used the Coaches Outreach studies to help our coaches dig deeper into His word and not only grow closer to Him, but also each other.  Praise the Lord for Coaches Outreach and their ministry to our coaches!" - Stan Luttrell, ASST Football Coach, Buford HS, GA

"I have known Tommy Maxwell, founder and executive director of the ministry, for several years.  He has a real heart for the struggles that are unique to the coaching profession.  Coaches Outreach has no hidden agenda, and will bless you and your coaches.  I highly recommend you get involved any way you can." - Milt Bassett, president of the Oklahoma Coaches Association


"Coaches Outreach is one of the best things my wife and I do. Every year we hear an amazing speaker, eat great food and make new friends. It wouldn't be a complete summer for us without Coaches Outreach. Don't miss it." - Drew Sanders, Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator, Vandegrift HS, TX





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