The Coaches Outreach Bible Study Playbooks are FREE to coaches participating in a Coaches Outreach Bible Study at their school, and are also free to coaches’ spouses who request it. Contact us today to start a Bible study. We help find Lay Leaders in your community and train them to facilitate the study using our playbooks. We can start up a study at any school. It only takes one coach who wants to start. We also offer a corresponding Athlete Study, for coaches in our Bible Studies, written with the student-athlete in mind. This one-lesson-per-week Bible study (also provided free of charge) helps the coach to train their athletes in the same principles learned in their coaches’ study.

Coaches Outreach Playbooks sometimes study topics (Christ–like Leadership, Pure Passion: The Fusion of Love and Sacrifice), particular genres (The Parables), or biblical characters (The Life of Joseph). But most often, they study a book of the Bible (Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, Daniel, Nehemiah, I Corinthians, Ephesians). Regardless of the subject, the Playbooks always go verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, to teach the whole truth of Scripture in context. 

Each Playbook uses Inductive Bible Study Method and follows the same general pattern:

  • Short, daily lessons—so even the busiest coach can get in God’s Word daily.
  • Easy-to-read study notes full of sports illustrations—to provide insights that help the Bible come alive.
  • Coach applications—to help coaches live out their God–given ministry and mission to impact kids for Christ.
  • Verse-by-verse Bible study—to teach coaches how to accurately interpret Scripture for themselves.
  • True Coaching Stories and Pro/Keeper Quotes—to connect biblical truth with the challenges of the coaching life.

This Spring we will be studying Preparation & Transformation: A Coaches Study of Ephesians

Click on this link to see one week from one of our past studies. 


It is obvious that if you have an interest in local sports, you’ll find it easier to relate to the coaches in your study. Those who have participated in sports themselves will especially relate to coaches and grasp the impact coaches make in the lives of young people. When you love God, it is a blessing to serve in an area of passion too.

As spiritual leaders, these men must desire to be like Jesus and emulate his character (1 Tim. 3). They don’t need to be perfect, but must be respectable (well thought of by those outside the faith); hospitable (willing to serve); humble (wants to learn and obey the Bible); full of integrity (actions align with beliefs); devoted (firmly committed to Christ); temperate and wise (not enslaved to any sinful practice, but living to obey God); and respectful (patient, not quick to anger or debates, but facilitates unity).


We have tried many different leadership approaches over the years and have found that using laymen offers us the best way to get the most coaches possible involved in our studies. Coaches Outreach is not associated with any denomination or church, so we never want coaches to feel like we are trying to get them to join a particular church.

We also don’t want to exclude coaches from any church affiliation from participating—all coaches are welcome. So, using laymen helps preserve our identity and ensures that coaches realize our motives in serving them are pure.

ALSO, we want to give laymen a ministry. We believe every Christian is a full-time minister, and we provide a way for them to have their own ministry. To equip them to be a study leader and how to use our Bible Study curriculum, we have a fun, time-tested, one-hour training process.

We don’t want a Bible teacher—we want a facilitator. Many Bible-trained ministry professionals tend to “preach” or lecture during the study. Our most effective study leaders aren’t men who have all the theological answers, but those who can show up and say, “OK fellas, what did you get for question one?”

We currently have studies in over 15 states with more being added every semester. If you'd like to start a new Bible study at your school, or simply want more information, click HERE and fill out the "Contact Us" form.  Someone will be in touch with you soon.

What Coaches Say about Our Bible Studies

“The Coaches Outreach Bible Study has allowed me to have a small group that are coaches, dealing with coaching issues.  The depth of information and insight into the scripture has been a sword to equip me.  Of course, in God's providence, the topics of each study seem to be speaking to me and the stage I am in my walk and in my relationships with coaches and players.” - Jere Adcock, Head Football Coach, Decatur HS, Decatur, AL

“Coaches Outreach gives coaches a chance to relate to each other in a different light. This program gives us the opportunity to share, learn and pray together. Keeping Jesus Christ first and foremost in our lives is vital because of the role we play in our students/athletes lives. It is truly amazing how the Lord works. Many times the lessons learned in one of our weekly meetings comes to light when something happens that week or the next week. We are given this devotional, from a coach’s perspective, to grow in faith and to share the Lord in all we do. Join a Coaches Outreach today."  - Melanie Matthews, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Starmount HS, Starmount NC

 “We are now in our 5th round of Coaches Outreach Bible Study. During this time period our progam has reached out and had over 100 kids during this two year time period give their lives to the LORD. This is a direction reflection of how our staff is being fed the word through their studies which challenge us to serve Jesus in a greater capacity. It is a joy to be part of the study.” – Chris Metzger, Head Football Coach, Pinecrest HS, South Pines NC

“Coaches Outreach has had a tremendous impact on the coaching staff at Johnson High School. It just might be the best hour of the whole week.” – Ron Rittimann, AC/Head Football Coach, Johnson HS, San Antonio, TX

"The coaching profession can consume you with its worldly demands to win. It is easy to lose focus on the daily Christian opportunity to influence, guide, and witness. The football coaches at Trinity look forward to Thursday mornings when our Bible study teacher leads us in God's word. I always feel like I have been guided back on track after our Thursday Coaches Outreach sessions.” - Steve Lineweaver, Head Football Coach, Trinity HS, Euless, TX

“The Coaches Outreach Bible study is an awesome study. Our group has really enjoyed the in-depth look at Kings. It is amazing how God has used this study to teach us about leadership, and how it parallels the job we have daily with our athletes and staff."   - "Fred" Kirk Fridrich, Head Football Coach, Tulsa Union HS, Tulsa, OK

"The Coaches Outreach Bible Study has been the best place for fellowship between coaches and the lay leader. The bible study has brought our coaching staff closer and God has worked to remind us of our mission - to be a Christian witness to our players." - Randy Allen, Head Football Coach, Highland Park HS, Highland Park, TX

"Coaches Outreach has helped me be a better Christian, husband, father, and football coach by keeping me focused on what matters most and that is drawing closer to Christ and being His servant on earth who is willing to share His gospel message." - Scott Johnson, Head Football Coach, Starmount HS, NC 

 "I look back at the success that we have had here at CHHS in our athletic programs and I feel that the Coaches Outreach Bible Study has made a huge impact on me and my colleagues. The close relationships that I have made through our Bible study over the past five years have allowed me to have a more personal relationship with my fellow coaches. I draw strength and comfort knowing that my Bible Study group is praying for me, my staff, and my athletes." Dianna Sager, AC/Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Heritage HS, Colleyville TX

  “It is a great time of fellowship.  It is a weekly reminder of the great calling The Lord has given coaches. We are to be salt and light to our peers and our players.  Too much is given much is expected.” – Mickey Lindsey, Head Football Coach, Pace HS, Pace, FL

 “Coaches Outreach has been the spiritual nourishment that I need to coach with a Godly perspective.”  – John Hicks, AD/Head Football Coach, Niceville HS, Niceville, FL

 “Coaches Outreach is a blessing for me. The messages always seem to correspond to the issues that we are having on our team. There is no way to explain that other than Divine intervention. God has a perfect plan for us, our group and our team. After this experience, I have no doubt that God will continue to advise us and lead us to a greater understanding of His word and draw us closer together as a staff! Thank you Coaches Outreach. Your work of building Christian coaches is being realized and we hope that we are influencing our players to walk with God. There is no greater opportunity to be His light than through the coaching profession. Through Him, all things are possible!” - Jason Hill, Assistant Football Coach, Vincent HS, Vincent AL

 "This weekly study hasn't changed my life, but I can see that my life is definitely changing because of it" – Zane Bode, Assistant Football Coach, Lago Vista HS, Lago Vista, TX

 “Coaches Outreach provides a wonderful motivation to coaches and wives. It reinforces why we were chosen to be in this great profession called coaching." - Sam Harrell, former Head Football Coach, Ennis HS, Ennis, TX

“Our study is an awesome opportunity for all of us to get into the word once a week allowing us all to draw closer to God and to each other.  There is nothing like having a bible study time with other coaches to share like experiences, discuss how to best be a shining light for our athletes, and most of all grow our Christian faith.  I have been a part of studies since coaching at Austin Westlake when Tommy first started leading studies at THSCA.  Coaches Outreach has allowed me personally an opportunity once a week to re-focus on what is most important and that is my faith.  Thanks!” – Johnny Ringo, Athletic Director, Highland Park ISD, Highland Park, TX

 “The Lord has used Coaches Outreach to really bring a healthy balance to the hectic lifestyle that is in the coaching world of 2015. The study has impacted our staff and we’re able to better see our players through the eyes of the Lord rather than our own. In these days of fast paced technology and nonstop activity, it’s nice to be able to “tap the brakes” for a few minutes and focus on what really matters. That is what Coaches Outreach is all about.” – Marty Secord, Head Football Coach, Frisco Wakeland HS, Frisco, TX

"One of the things I really like about our weekly Bible study is having the opportunity to get to know my fellow coaches in a different setting. The Bible study allows us an opportunity to pray for each other and know what is going on in each other personal life, not just our win/loss records that everyone sees in the paper." – Dianna Sager, AC/Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Heritage HS, Colleyville TX

 “The studies have done so much, but one of the big things over the years and still today is that they always keep me focused in and on acknowledging God. I will fall sometimes in life and competition, but there is no failure, game or contest that will ever be bigger than HIM. We, like some of the ordinary people we study about, are all flawed, but God can still use someone like me, just like he did a Joseph, Paul, and Timothy. Coaches' Outreach and the studies have always reminded and encouraged me to keep plugging away, giving me hope” – Stephen Marrow, Assistant Football/Head Boy’s Track Coach, Ennis HS, Ennis, TX

 “Coaches Outreach has been a true blessing to me not only as a coach, but as a husband and a father as well. The study keeps me accountable and in God's word during the busy  coaching season and strengthens my marriage through the marriage retreats during the summer. I honestly could not imagine coaching and not being involved in the Coaches Outreach Ministry.” – Blaze Pendleton, Assistant Football Coach, Cleburne HS, Cleburne, TX

 “Having Coaches Outreach on our campus has been great.  It is an opportunity to bond with other members of our staff while sharing our faith in God’s word.  It helps us to stay strong, as Christian men and women, in a society where the value lines have become blurred.  It reconfirms why we coach, to impact the lives of those we touch on a daily basis.” – Mark Smith, Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach, Madison HS, San Antonio, TX

“The Coaches Outreach Bible Study has become a cornerstone for our athletic program.  It has been integral in helping us maintain a proper Christian perspective as not only coaches, but also husbands, wives, mommas, and daddies.  It has been our source of peace, joy, hope, and strength during difficult times, and adulation during times of celebration.  It has been that reassurance of why we coach, that perspective of what is really important, and that confidence that He indeed is in control.  This Study feeds through coaches into kids in a way that is indescribable.  The idea is so very simple: put a few men and women together for an hour a week, allow them to get caught up in His Word, and then put them in front of thousands of young people, and watch God go to work!  Coaches Outreach made it about young people knowing our Savior and nothing more.  How awesome is that!” – Scott Smiley, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Ft. Worth Christian School, North Richland Hills, TX

 “CO has helped shape the way I coach and how I try to help shape and mold our coaching staff. My wife and I have really enjoyed the marriage retreats as well. Getting to bond with each other and the other families has been a big part of our summer.” – Che Hendrix, Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach, Heritage HS, Frisco, TX

 “I started Coaches Outreach in 2006 at a time where my wife and I were at a very difficult time in our life.  The marriage conference that summer literally changed our life.  Since that time, CO has served as an invaluable tool to help keep me grounded, focused, and disciplined.  I appreciate that people like CO take the time to look out for coaches and their families.” – John Settle, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Sunnyvale HS, Sunnyvale, TX

 “Our Coaches Outreach Bible study is a time that I look forward to each week.  The daily lessons are educational and informative. It is a great time of discussion and camaraderie among coaches.” – Andrew Embry, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Legacy Christian, Frisco, TX

 “Coaches Outreach has been a vital part of our program for the past seven years! What I like most is that our athletes know where our coaching staff will be on Thursday mornings and it helps them confirm where we stand in our faith.” - Matt Carroll, Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach, Roosevelt High School, San Antonio, TX

 “What a great opportunity to share God’s word and grow your marriage alongside your spouse with other believers in our profession.” – Mike Freeman, Assistant Football Coach, Madison HS, San Antonio, TX

 "Coaches Outreach has helped to unify our coaching family.  The wives sacrifice some early morning time with their husbands, but they know that they are coming to a Bible study that is going to make them a better husband, a better father, and a better man, and of course a better coach!  Our lay leader is a retired Texas High School coach.  He understands us, our busy schedule and always delivers God's timely Word for our group” – Jeff Rhoads, Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach, Anderson HS, Austin, TX

  “I got involved with coaches outreach through the couples retreat.  It was such a blessing to my wife and I.  I hope this year to get my son who is now a coach and his wife to attend.  From the retreat I was able to start a bible study at my school.  The study has been great for our staff and has help the coaches from other sports to form a better relationship.” – Kent Smith, Head Football Coach, Jay HS, Jay, FL

 "What a Blessing it has been to our staff at McGregor to have our Coaches outreach Bible Study on Thursday mornings.  We play such a vital role in our kids’ lives, and our Bible study really helps us to keep our focus on touching lives and hearts every day.  We are so lucky to have a group leader like Keith Boles-He has made our Bible study such a vital part of what we do, and his input and leadership have strengthened us all." – Tim Seward, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, McGregor HS, McGregor TX

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