“I recently lost my father to Alzheimer’s. In the last few years of his life, his memory disintegrated rapidly. I would have talks with him, asking him for stories about his life.

He would tell me his few memories.
He shared his painful memories.

My dad respected many, yet hardly got emotional when talking about people. I heard about a lot of people, but there was one who my dad loved talking about more than anybody. My dad loved talking about Charles Kelso, his high school football coach. Dad would talk about the interest Coach Kelso showed my dad. My dad would have been taken down a bad path, had it not been for Coach Kelso. Coach Kelso loved my dad like Christ loves. My dad’s life was changed by a coach. Sixty years later, the last real conversation I had with my dad was about Coach Kelso. My dad cried that day because he loved his coach!

My dad lost his memory but never the love for his coach. Man, what a powerful thing the influence of a coach is.” –Clay

What a powerful thing: the influence of a coach. There are currently 5,399,682 students in Texas high school and more than 76 million in the United States. Each of them can be influenced by a coach. On September 19th, we are partnering with the Communities Foundation of Texas  for the annual North Texas Giving Day.

Why give on this day? 

  • You get more “bang for your buck.” Bonus fund percentages are added to every gift and prizes are offered randomly to certain gifts as well. One year we received a $5,000 additional prize for one of our gifts.
  • You are helping us start more coaches Bible Studies, host more coaching couples at a Marriage Retreat, and encourage more coaches’ wives through The Reach.

Not available to give on September 19th?  Click HERE to donate your gift ahead of time.

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